Horror Films In Hotlanta Film Festival 2017 Award Winners

Horror Films In Hotlanta Film Festival 2017 Award Winners:

1) The "Best Actor" Award:
Ryan Barton-Grimley in “Shanghai Faders” (Portland, Oregon)

2) The "Best Actress" Award:
Pamela Ricardo in "Restricted Diet" (Forest Park, Georgia)

3) The "Best Cinematography" Award:
Ignacio Aguilar, Cinematographer for "Mr. Dentonn" (Barcelona, Spain)

4) The "Best Director" Award:
Jean-Claude Leblanc for "Studded Nightmare" (Canada)

5) The "Best Ensemble" Award:
"Ivy" Directed by Itai Guberman (Australia)

6) The "Best Film Editing" Award:
Marcos Muñoz Flores for “Ven A Mi (Come To Me)" (Mexico) 

7) The "Best Georgia Horror Film" Award:
"Redneck Zombie" Directed by Drew Giles (Peachtree City, Georgia)

8) The "Best International Horror Film" Award:
“Ven A Mi (Come To Me)" Directed by Marcos Munoz Flores (Mexico)

9) The "Best Micro Short Horror Film" Award:
“Stay Awake” Directed by Helena Karadimos (Los Angeles, California)

10) The "Best Original Music" Award:
Iván Caride in “I See You Everywhere” (Spain)

11) The "Best Short Horror Film" Award:
"The Dark Hunger" Directed by Anthony Williams (Chicago, Illinois)

12) The "Best Special Effects" Award:
“Croak” Directed by Matt Barrett (Atlanta, Georgia) 

13) The "Best Supporting Actor" Award:
Sean Weil in "Chateau Sauvignon: terroir" (Brooklyn, New York)

14) The "Best Supporting Actress" Award:
Sabrina Howells “Beneath the Surface” (Charlotte, North Carolina)

15) The "Best Visual Effects" Award:
“Vetus” Directed by Alan Chen (Australia)

16) The "Most Original Concept" Award:
"Little Red Riding Hood" Directed by Daniel Jenny & Stéphane Guenin (France)

17) The "Single Scariest Moment" Award:
"Hada" Directed by Tony Morales (Spain)

18) The "Best Feature Length Screenplay" Award: 
"The Man in the Middle of the Desert" Written by Greg Sisco

19) The "Best Short Screenplay" Award:
"Crazy For The Blonde" Written by Tom Bragg


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